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Want to Give YOURSELF a Raise in the New Year?

First go through all of your monthly bills, credit cards and bank statements. You’ll most likely find many subscriptions, odd payments, and auto-bills you forgot you even signed up for.

Every expense you cut or reduce is the same as giving yourself a raise. Insurance is no exception when it comes to things you want to save money on, as long as you’re keeping enough coverage. The cost to insure your most valuable assets should not have to break the bank and so if you play your cards right and talk to the right expert, you can give yourself the chance to get that raise. More money in your pocket means less time worrying and more time enjoying life! The average client who switches home and auto insurance to Florida Best Quote saves between one and two thousand dollars a year. That’s a great raise, right there.

Want to see just how much money you can save? Get you’re current Dec pages together (that’s the first 3-4 pages of your insurance policy with all the coverages) and contact an independent agent that can shop (at least) dozens of companies for you. These are commitment-free, easy, and best of all FREE! A re-shop will result in finding you a much cheaper policy, but it also may help re-evaluate what you already have to see if important updates need to be made. Times are changing, your life is changing and your insurance policies should change with it.

Be sure to use an Independent Agency that can shop the market for you, as this makes your job easy, putting money right back in your pocket.

Independent agencies often have appointments with multiple insurance companies. What this means for you is that you simply now have more money saving options that you would not have with what the industry calls captive agencies. Think about that word captive. Do you really want to have your policy be held captive with only one insurance company and not have any choices? Remember this, when companies compete YOU win!

Call Florida Best Quote Insurance, or at least a similar independent insurance agency today. Let them shop the insurance market, and get yourself that raise. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice coverage to do us today at 727-755-0072!

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