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The words "spring cleaning" usually means cleaning tasks, such as organizing the garage and tackling outdoor jobs. But there's more to clean than just your home. Your insurance coverage can also use a good spring cleaning as winter draws to a close.

A major life event isn't the only reason you may need to adjust your plan. Take the time to evaluate your policy, verify deductibles and coverage limits, and make sure you're completely protected.

Here are several questions to consider when looking at your policies:

Can you afford your deductibles if something happens?

A high-deductible home or auto insurance policy may save you money in premium payments, but what happens if you can't afford the deductible when trouble comes to call? Make sure you can afford to pay all deductibles in the case your need to use your insurance.

Did you make changes to your home?

Over time, if you add solar panels, remodel, or renovate your property, you need to update your coverages. Let us know about these types of changes when they occur.

Do you know how much your personal possessions are worth? Will everything be covered?

Do you know the total value of the personal property in your home, such as jewelry, furniture, appliances, and clothing? Many homeowners make a “best guess,” but an inaccurate estimate can be an issue, especially if large-scale damage occurs. A better approach would be to create a home inventory and speak to your us to ensure you have proper coverage for personal property.

Do you have flood insurance?

If the answer is no, it's time to reconsider. Even low-risk areas can fall victim to flooding. No matter where you live in FL, you are always still surrounded by water. When you don't have adequate protection, just a little water can damage your home, destroy your personal belongings, or impact your business operation. Something to make sure you keep in mind is that most homeowners' policies don't cover flooding.

Your insurance deserves sprucing up, just like your home. With the right attention on your insurance policies, it's possible to improve coverage, save money and keep yourself protected.

Call us TODAY so we can help you review your policy!

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