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Reducing Workers' Compensation Claims At Your Retail Location

Retail property owners have a wide range of opportunities available to them to reduce workers’ compensation claims. In any setting, it is wise for companies to be proactive, looking for ways to reduce claims to save money. Yet, it’s not always simple. You run a busy location, and mistakes happen. How can you work to reduce some of those mistakes to reduce claims?

Implement Safety Procedures

One of the most important steps you can take in reducing any workers compensation insurance claims is to implement safety procedures for various high-risk areas. They can be very simple things, but they offer information that’s important in that moment.

What To Do When A Spill Happens

Have a well-defined process for ensuring that spills get attention as soon as they happen. If someone spills something on a workspace floor, that increases risks significantly for everyone in that position. What should they do? How should they get help?

Cleaning Methods

A busy retail location typically will have employees working in various sections. Imagine the space behind a work counter. When should a team member clean this area? What should they use, and how should they do so? For example, whenever possible, mopping floors should happen after everyone is gone for the day. Picking up boxes and papers as you go is also important.

Using Chemicals

Retail workers may come in contact with chemicals in a variety of environments. The key is to ensure that only people certified to use those chemicals do so. Have a well-thought-out plan of training people to use chemicals.

Tool Use

A simple box knife can pose a problem for safety in many areas. It is always beneficial to work with a team member to ensure they understand the proper way to use this and other workplace tools. Demonstrating and teaching can help to reduce instances.

Communicate Information Clearly

In any situation where there is risk, there should be a method for getting help. Be sure your employees know how to report an injury or illness. It is also wise to have a specific manager or human resources person in charge of looking for ways to reduce those claims from happening again.

By being proactive like this, it is possible to ensure your location is as safe as possible. It is also possible to minimize risks associated with filing numerous claims that could increase your business insurance costs.

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