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Reasons Your Home Needs a Security System

You might have heard the claim that home security systems are no longer helpful. Some people say that they no longer have any value because thieves can simply ignore them and make a fast getaway. Don’t let these false claims fool you. Home security systems have incalculable value for any home in any community.

Gone are the days of simple sirens that might frighten but not necessarily deter a potential home intruder. Now, home security systems are technologically advanced, easily managed and incredibly sophisticated. They can provide countless benefits to the homeowner that will protect them against numerous hazards. Indeed, they can often help them save money on their homeowners insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of having a home security system. With any one of the unique systems on the market today, you can do yourself a big favor that will make your property and family a lot safer at home.

Unique Features of Home Security Systems

In this day and age, home security systems are not only incredibly important, but also extremely versatile. They can include numerous setups and perks that will work to make your home more secure.

Some of the benefits of today’s security systems include:

  • Integration with fire and carbon monoxide alarms​

  • Door and window sensors, person detection​

  • Severe weather, emergency and Amber Alert notifications​

  • Real-time camera feeds that record and send videos to smart phones or other computers​

  • Compatibility with smart doorbells, lights and other devices​

  • Automatic emergency services notifications when a hazard is detected

Together these different features can help you keep your home, family and possessions protected in multiple ways. Consider just a few of the benefits:

Cameras Act as Theft Deterrents

Now, almost every home can have a camera system installed. This isn’t just something that will cost an arm and a leg anymore. Even simple smart camera systems can provide high levels of security for any homeowner. Plus, a thief is much less likely to attempt to strike your home if they know that you have a security camera that will actively record them. Additionally, even if they do take this risk, then you might be able to much more easily help the police identify the perpetrator.

Fast Responses to Safety Hazards

If a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs in your home, then the assistance of your security system might prove instantaneous. Of course, you might also have a traditional fire or carbon monoxide alarm in your home. However, these might not be able to help you if a fire occurs while you are out of the house. Nevertheless, a security system that has fire alarm integration might not only alert you to a fire, but also immediately contact the fire department.

Improved Energy Use

Some home security systems for more than just protect your home from intruders or fire. They can also help you manage other home systems. They can help you turn on or off lights throughout the home (whether you are home or not), control your thermostat and even turn on or off appliances.

Capabilities to Automate Different Devices

Besides your electricity and lights, you can also use your smart security system to control a multitude of other devices throughout your home. You might be able to operate TVs, kitchen appliances, and any number of other items throughout the home. Not only could you control them from your security software, but you can also automate them.

Therefore, if you want to set timers for your lights, thermostat or even your coffee maker, you can have them turn off or on at your leisure. This is often helpful at times when you might be away from home, but still want to give off the impression that you are there.

Medical Alert Features

You have likely seen advertisements for medical alert systems that you can integrate with your home security devices. Some of these are pull-cord devices that you can yank if you are suffering a medical emergency and cannot get to the phone. Others are pendants or bracelets which you can wear at all times. You can then push a button on this device to trigger your alarm system and summon help.

Improved Home Insurance Premiums

Overall a home security system will make you, your family, your house and your possessions safer. As a result, it can help you save money on your home insurance. That is because by making your home safer, you reduce your risk of ever experiencing a costly disaster which could trigger an equally costly home insurance claim. As a result, your home insurer will have a lower risk of having to pay a claim for you. They will often be able to offer you a lower premium.

Additionally, some home insurers go further in their rewards for those who have sophisticated home security systems. They might offer you an additional premium discount besides any additional savings.

Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to talk to your insurer about what incentives they offer if you install a security system. Regardless, however, the implementation of a security system will make your home safer in all circumstances. Don’t hesitate to get the one that is best for you.

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