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Lawyers Affect the Price of Your Insurance More Than You Know

Want to reduce your property insurance premiums? Tell your Legislators to support House Bill 305 and Senate Bill 76!

Frivolous lawsuits by attorneys jacking up their prices can earn them $100,000 in attorney’s fees on a $10,000 claim. This may sound crazy, but it’s true and happens all the time. The insured is happy with the $10,000 and rightfully so as they deserved that money from the insurance company. What they don’t know is their attorney made 10 times what they did, just to get them an amount they most likely could have received on their own.

This hurts everyone (but the attorney, of course), as these giant payouts on minor claims raise everyone’s rates. No matter what state you are in this can be a problem, but Florida is trying to do something about it. House Bill 305 and Senate Bill 76 are trying to limit frivolous lawsuits filed by trial attorneys, and if they pass, other states will soon follow.

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