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How to Get Discount Auto Insurance in Florida

Getting a driver’s license is a rite of passage into adulthood. It’s something to look forward to during the turbulent teenage years and symbolize the type of freedom that is only gained through wisdom and age. However, an increasing number of Florida teenagers are skipping past this important life milestone because of finances. It’s not cheap to have a car, and auto insurance rates don’t exactly make car ownership any easier.

However, there are some great options available for Florida drivers to save money while experiencing the open road. These are a few of the many ways to discount auto insurance in Florida.

Consider Coverage Options

Before you start to worry about the cost of auto insurance, set some time aside to think about how much coverage you actually want and need. Florida law requires all drivers to carry a minimum policy with both property damage liability (PDL) and personal injury protection (PIP). PDL insurance covers other people’s property that you damage with your car, and PIP protects you and other people riding in your car in case of accident-related injury.

Each of these coverage types must have a minimum payout amount of $10,000. You can go one step further and purchase bodily injury liability (BIL) insurance, which covers major medical expenses and funeral expenses for crash victims, and physical damage coverage to insure vehicular damage.

Multiple Policy Discounts

If you rent an apartment, own a home, or have multiple vehicles in your household, you may be eligible for a multiple policy discount. Florida residents are often eligible for multiple car discounts as long as both vehicle owners live in the same household, are related to each other, and each driver is designated as the named insured on the policies.

The most affordable auto insurance companies in Florida are the Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Company, United Service Automobile Association (USAA), GEICO, Travelers Insurance, and State Farm. Keep in mind that location is one of the most important factors in determining the rate of insurance, so a driver in Bristol, Florida will likely pay much less that same driver would in Miami.

Online Traffic School Courses

Everyone on the road could benefit from a refresher course in the rules of the road, but did you know that online traffic school courses can help you avoid insurance rate increases too? Traffic school is the only way to dismiss points received from a Florida traffic ticket that could otherwise raise your insurance premium. Online courses can be conveniently completed at your own pace and around your schedule. So by brushing up on your driving skills, you’ll be reducing your points and insurance costs low.

Keep Your Record Clean

One of the best ways to keep your car insurance rates low is to always drive safe and keep your driving record clean. If you steer clear of accidents and tickets, your insurance premiums will likely stay low. If an accident does happen, you have the option of taking a traffic school course to reduce your point total and help prevent costly insurance increases. Although you may be in a hurry from time to time, remember that speeding tickets aren’t only costly when you get pulled over, but they can also make your insurance rates increase into the future.

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